I always wanted to study medicine since high school. However I did not get good results in my GCSE to get me into medicine, so I  took a different route into human resources study instead. Got my first job as doctor's receptionist and loved it. Working with patients every day has just made me realize my passion of working in the health industry. So I decided to do my research on how to get into nursing as it was the only option for me to study medicine. It was then I came across Academy Online and decided to register for the Access to Higher Education course. I didn't know what to except and to my surprise, it wasn't that difficult at all as I assumed. My tutor was great, friendly, encouraging and really helpful during my study. She has provided me with skills and confident and I managed to achieve Distinction and Merit grades. Thank you Academy Online for all the support you have given me to achieve my goals and ambitions. 

Emili Brown