After graduating a few years ago, I decided to go back to University to study a BSc in Speech and Language therapy. I came across Academy Online and gave them a call to find out further details. The Administration staff are very friendly and efficient and I was quickly onto my first assignment. Having never done an online distance course, I was a bit unsure of the format and how difficult it would be to balance full time work and other commitments. However, through the support and guidance of my excellent personal tutor everything was explained and I always got the help and support I needed whenever I asked for it. I found the relationship we had was professional yet friendly and I believe this approach really worked. The course does require hard work, but there are various practice methods, exercises and support materials and I found the course enjoyable and rewarding. The course was also a great help in applying through UCAS and researching into HE. A module is available to do this, which I would recommend. The price is cheaper than anywhere else, and the course is fully accredited. I would like to thank my personal tutor again for all her support and I would recommend anyone interested or unsure to contact the staff at AOLL who would be glad to help.