Following the advice of my preferred university I opted to complete an online learning course. In order to gain the appropriate qualifications to start my adult nursing degree in March 2017 I contacted the academy online learning team. The team were very helpful and explained things clearly from the start. I was nervous at first as the idea of distance learning was daunting, however the academy online learning staff helped by putting my mind at ease. They advised that the best course for me was “Health Science Professions” and I was given payment options which was a pleasant surprise.

My psychology tutor talked me through an agreed learning plan and told me how the course was in two sections: Psychology units and Biology units. She also explained how some units were ungraded and how many credits each unit would be worth. Whilst encouraging me to try my best she was very supportive and patient as I feel it took me a while to get the hang of the online system. After two assignments I was in the swing of things and was really enjoying learning new and interesting things surrounding the topic of nursing.

After completing my psychology units with I was then given another tutor for my Biology units. I thoroughly enjoyed each Biology unit as it was interesting to learn all about the human body and how it works. Both tutors were easy to contact and speak to and tried their best to guide me through the course whilst making sure I had access to the best materials and resources. Both tutors marked my work in a timely fashion and provided me with appropriate feedback when needed.

To conclude, once I understood how the VLE worked and how easy it was to submit each unit, keeping to deadlines and balancing my work life alongside studying was an exciting and educational journey that I would strongly recommend as it allows people of all ages to better themselves and get one step closer to a new and humbling career.

Hannah-May C