Course Prices

Course Prices

Course Prices and Payment Options - Access to HE Diploma (Health Science Professions) and certification by our Awarding Organisation: Certa

The current cost of a 60 credit Access to HE Diploma is £1200 inclusive of VAT and Certa registration

Total Price: £1200 (£1150 if paid in full at the start of the course)

Included in the cost:

  • Enrolment on to a fully accredited Access to HE Diploma
  • Full tutor support and up to12 months study time
  • Registration with Certa (Awarding Organisation) 


Pay in full or take advantage of the monthly payment options. The Access to HE Diploma is based on 12 months study but students can work at their own pace - should you wish to complete sooner – the monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly to cover the full fee - if you wish to take longer than 12 months - an extension can be requested - a flat monthly fee of £74.00 will apply until completion.




Monthly Direct Debit Options: Access to He Diploma including certification fee (Pay in full to get £50 discount)

  • 12 months study £100
  • 11 months study £109.09
  • 10 months study £120
  • 9 months study £133.33
  • 8 months study £150
  • 7 months study £171.43
  • 6 months study £200



Monthly Direct Debit Options: GCSEs: Maths - English - Biology

GCSE study and tutor support is available at a cost of £275.00 each (incl. Vat). Each GCSE or iGCSE can be studied for up to 6 months

  • 6 months study £45.83
  • 5 months study £55.00
  • 4 months study £68.75
  • 3 months study £91.67


Monthly Direct Debit Options: Literacy and Numeracy up to 24 credits

There are 12 level credits available in Literacy and 12 credits in Numeracy each 12 credits incl. Vat and Certa certification £220.50

  • 3 months study £73.50
  • 2 months study £110.25

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The total course price is £1200 (monthly) or £1150 if paid in full at the start!

Prices are per month for the number of months specified, except for courses paid in full.

Choose this for any Access to Higher Education Diploma, such as Access to Nursing, Access to Midwifery, etc. You will choose your pathway when you complete the enrolment form. If you are unsure of which pathway to follow for your chosen university course, we will help you at the start of your Access Diploma course.

If you choose monthly instalments, your course will need to be fully paid by your target moderation date. These events are held in June and November each year. You should aim to complete one month prior to these dates. For example, if you start your diploma studies in October and aim to complete by the following June, you would need to select the 8 month option. If you are starting in October and plan to complete the course by the following November, you can select the 12 month option.