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IGCSE Human Biology



The Course follows Edexcel IGCSE Human Biology Syllabus: (4HBO)

    • This is an International GCSE
    • Grades achievable A* - G
    • Assessment is through 2 written exams
    • Exam One (4HBO/1 contributes two thirds of the qualification
    • The exam lasts 2 hours
    • Exam 2 (4HBO/2) contributes one third of the qualification
    • The exams lasts 1 hour
    • Exam date: June and possibly January


Components of study

You will study comprehensive and detailed aspects of modern human biology. Including; Cells, Tissues and Molecules, Skeletal coordination, Nutrition Reproduction and Hereditary, Internal transport processes, Disease, non-pathogenic organisms along with gaining an understanding of the relationship between humans and their environment. Taking the Human Biology IGCSE course will help you to gain a greater understanding of the structure and function of the human biology and how the environment can be adapted to improve conditions for all.   


Exams: Your responsibilities

    • Check Exam Timetables
    • Locate an Approved Exam centre
    • Contact the Approved Exam Centre to confirm acceptance of Private Candidates
    • Explain to the Exam's officer which exam you wish to be entered for using the course code
    • Book your place on the exam and pay the exam fee
    • Don't leave it too late to book your place


Whilst we do not arrange your exam for you, we will offer guidance in locating an Approved Exam Centre. We do not accept liability for issues relating to exam entries or charges. Many schools and colleges accept private candidates at their discretion. All the required forms and information relating to the awarding organisation (accept the approved exam centre entry form) can be downloaded from here


GCSE Human Biology

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