What is Access to Higher Education?


    • Thousands of Access students apply and successfully gain entrance to UK universities every year
    • It's possible to achieve a Diploma in less than 12 months
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The Access to Higher Education Diploma provides the level 3 entry requirements to go to university and is aimed at mature learners who do not have traditional or the necessary qualifications to progress to university.  

Many Access to HE students left school with few, if any, formal qualifications, yet possess the potential and ability to study for a degree or for a professional qualification. Many have been out of education for some years and need to gain the relevant entry qualification to pursue their goals through higher education.

People on the Access to HE Diploma courses come from a broad age range, across varied backgrounds and ethnic groups. They bring transferable life skills into the learning environment with a shared desire to fulfil their academic and professional potential in order to ‘make a difference’.  

An Access to HE Diploma (Health Science Professions) leads to a wide range of degree programmes in both the health and social sector. Once qualified there are opportunities to branch out into a variety of careers.

Our fully online course is based on 12 months' study and offers flexibility to allow learners to work and achieve (at their own) pace whilst taking into account work and family commitments.


UCAS Tariff Points

The following table provides some examples of Access to Higher Education grade profiles and their tariff points. To calculate your own tariff points or to work out specific combinations, you can use the calculator below the table:





Tariff Points

45 0 0 144
30 15 0 128
15 30 0 112
0 45 0 96
15 15 15 96
0 15 30 64
0 0 45 48



Access to Higher Education UCAS Tariff Calculator

Enter the number of credits you have achieved at Pass, Merit and Distinction in the form below and click "Calculate" to calculate your UCAS tariff points. Do not count ungraded units.
UCAS Tariff Points Calculator
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Monthly Direct Debit Options: Access to Higher Education Diploma, including certification fee

The total cost of the course is £1150. You can pay in full, or take advantage of one of the following interest free options:

12 monthly payments of £95.83
11 monthly payments of £104.50
10 monthly payments of £115.00
9 monthly payments of £127.78
8 monthly payments of £143.75
7 monthly payments of £164.29
6 monthly payments of £191.67