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95% of our students have gone on to university or gained employment after studying!


We are always pleased to hear from our students and how our online educational platform has enabled over 3,000 students complete an Access to HE Diploma, Functional Skill or GCSE in Maths, English or Human Biology. Read what they have to say and if you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team by  calling: 0161 726 5970 or message us via Enquiries.

DJ 5 stars

"My experience with the Access to Health Science Professions course was incredible. I loved the freedom that came with doing the course with Academy Online Learning; being able to fit my assignments around my lifestyle was a real bonus. The constant support and updates from my tutor and the staff was brilliant."

Speech Therapy Student



"I am a 32 year old mum to three and wife to one. The flexibility AOLL allows has really helped make the months extension hassle-free. I would say to anyone considering distance learning; make the most of your tutors, they really do know their stuff; and believe in yourself, you can achieve everything you set out to do."

Podiatry Student


Del test

"I will always recommend this online learning to all my family and friends. Soon starting my nursing degree. Couldn't be happier."

Nursing Student



"Assignments were very well structured, tutor's support was really excellent. I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with the decision which course to choose."

Business Studies Student


LD Testimonial

"Thank you to everyone from AOLL who has helped and supported me throughout my time on the course. I am now much more prepared for university."

Occupational Therapy Student



"Good Course. Was challenging but fruitful at the same time."

Elcas Student



"As an Access Validating Agency committed to very high quality standards and innovative practice, we are delighted to be working with Academy Online Learning to widen participation for students wanting to take the Access to HE Diploma. The Diploma represents excellent preparation for study at higher education level - and the exposure to online learning will prove invaluable as students will be required to use an increasing range of technologies and methods of learning in their future study."

- Access to Higher Education Awarding Body



"Through the support and guidance of my excellent personal tutor everything was explained. I would recommend anyone interested or unsure to contact the staff at AOLL who would be glad to help."

Operating Department Practice



"I found the virtual online learning AMAZING, with up to date learning material that provided me with the tools to pass my function skills level 2 maths exam."

Level 2 Maths Student



"I would like to say a huge thank you to the fantastic team at AOLL. Every single person I dealt with at the college was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. If you are reading this and wondering whether this is the course for you then don’t hesitate; sign up today and good luck!"

Midwifery Student



"I have really enjoyed doing the online access to nursing course with Academy Online Learning. I have learnt so much and looking forward to Uni."

Nutrition & Dietetics Student



"The course offers a great way of learning and really enhances your current knowledge whilst also teaching you a lot of new information. I got into University to study paramedic science. I would recommend this course to anyone and the tutors also make the learning fun and easy which helps make the course enjoyable."

Paramedic Science Student



"Well structured and straightforward course content. Good feedback and support if needed. Tailored units to the pathway I had chosen. An official Access to HE provider that permits payment via installments, thank you!"

Biology Student



"The format is very easy to follow, and it's great to be able to see how you progress as the course continues. There were 38 places on the course for over 570 applicants, and to have been offered a place to study ODP against this stiff competition speaks volumes about how well the AOLL course prepares you for life at University."

Operating Department Practice Student



"After contacting student services, I found out everything I needed to know, and started the course immediately. With my fantastic tutors I was truly aided and have managed to successfully complete the diploma, and achieve a conditional place at Leeds University for Adult Nursing. I couldn’t be happier with my experience, I’m so glad I took the plunge and didn’t hesitate! Thanks AOLL!"

Nursing Student



"I want to thank all the tutors that I had over the course and the management team. I especially want to thank my tutor who was phenomenal and always helped me understand where i was going wrong. The course was also a great help in applying through UCAS and researching into HE. Thanks!"

Radiography Student



"Fantastic tutors who are more than willing to go the extra mile to provide students with all the support needed. I 'cracked-on' and secured a place at university to study for a BSc in Physiotherapy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar position to me, who is looking to go to university and gain a vocational qualification."

Physiotherapy Student



"The Access Diploma has helped me to achieve very positive results, which will stand me in good stead for my university applications. Not only this, my own deeper understanding of knowledge of topics learnt has expanded and applying for healthcare related job roles prior to university fills me with confidence after studying this access course. Wonderful tutors."

Social Science Student