ELCAS Application Procedure

ELCAS Application Procedure

The MoD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The scheme has been hugely successful in providing financial support to eligible applicants wishing to study (for example) an Access to HE Diploma.

We are the only CPT listed Preferred Supplier for Online Access to HE (Health Science Professions). You will need to check your eligibility to ELC funding by speaking to your Education or Resettlement Officer.  Our Access to HE Diploma can be located on the official Elcas web site here. To make your ELC application you will need our course code: 40003371  and our provider number: 6066.

For all information relating to the scheme and eligibility please visit the Elcas web site

To remain compliant with ELC rules please follow the procedures below


  1. Send an online enquiry via our Academy website  or contact us by phone 01706 878149
  2. Decide your pathway i.e. Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Practice, etc.
  3. Submit your funding application form to Elcas
  4. The MoD has to approve funding and if eligible will issue a Claims Authorisation Note (CAN)
  5. Applicants must forward ‘CAN’ form 005.02 authorisation to Academy Online Learning and complete the enrolment form here
  6. Elcas will fund 80% of the full cost. Applicants must pay their personal contribution of £230.00 which is 20% of the full cost on enrolment




Add this item to your cart to pay the personal contribution to an ELCAS funded Access to Higher Education course. You should not make this payment until you have secured funding from ELCAS.