Listen to our students' experience

Students share their experience of being an Access to HE student with Academy Online Learning. Listen to what they have to share and the advice they have for other students.

Listen here to hear Marta, one of our recent students that completed the access to biology diploma at AOLL. I will be asking how she heard about the online course, what it was like to be a distance learner and what obstacles or opportunities she had on her personal route to university.

Listen here to Bradley discuss his time whilst studying Access to Nutrition and Dietetics. On how studying online worked for students like himself, advice for future students and the UCAS process that enabled him to get to University. 

Kimberly, a recent graduate in Radiography joins us to talk about her time as an Access to HE student with Academy Online Learning. As she prepares for her new career at Peterborough City Hospital, we hear what advice she has on getting into university and at the same time be a wife, mother and carer as well as how to get government grants once you become an undergraduate student at university. Listen here

Maths Functional Skills student David tells us about his experience on the course and getting through his online exam. His motivation and perseverance is a joy to listen to. Hear what he has to say on the podcast episode here.

Listen here to hear Alan, one of our students that completed the access to Health Science diploma at AOLL. I will be asking about his former job as a postman, his recent change into studying again and heading for a new career.

In this episode I talk to Joy who has recently completed the Access to Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Joy, like most of our students has studied whilst remaining in her full time job and has successfully managed her time within her busy lifestyle to complete the diploma in time for the June moderation.