Funding Opportunities
Funding opportunities


Academy Online Learning do not receive Government funding. The following are links to possible funding routes. Always check with your employer first as there maybe funding available through an Educational scheme for part or full cost of the course. 


ELCs, or Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme from the MOD aims to encourage personnel of the armed forces to continue learning throughout their lives. Our courses can be found in the ELC database as Academy Online Learning Ltd. (our ELCAS Funding Number is: 6066). Visit the ELC website if you have ELCs and want to use them to study with us or see more information HERE.


(SLC), or Standard Learning Credits

Armed Forces Personnel may apply to use Standard Learning Credits (SLC) towards the cost of their education for Level 2 Functional Skills and GCSEs. If you want to study with Academy Online Learning using Standard Learning Credits, you should get guidance from your local education officer to see whether you qualify and how to apply. SLC is a refund programme that runs from 1 April to 31 March as an annualised allowance and cannot be carried over from year to year. SLC funds are paid to claimants after learning is complete, and you will need to show proof of payment and attendance or completion.


The British Council website includes sources of funding for students, teachers, young people and adult learners.


The Educational Grants Advisory Service EGAS was established to aid in securing money for students, especially those who are underprivileged. The majority of the time, it supports learners who are "taking their first steps on the educational ladder, regardless of age." They generally help students who are not eligible for statutory support, giving special consideration to single parents, those with disabilities, refugees, and those from disadvantaged origins or in unusual situations. On potential funding sources, EGAS can offer guidance. You must provide an SAE, and EGAS will give you an information form to fill out in return.


The Princes Trust supports young people up to the age of 30. Applications can take up to 6 weeks so plan well in advance of enrolling on the Access Diploma. 


Moneysaving Expert has some links to possible funding and grants along with lots of quirky money saving tips and is regularly updated.


Student Cash Point Information about grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships, and awards available to students in the UK is provided by Student Cash Point. Annual funding amounts in the millions of pounds are available from the government, philanthropic trusts, and institutions. Funding covers course costs, rent and living expenses.


Grants For Individuals "is a searchable website of all UK charities which can provide financial relief to individuals in need or for educational purposes".


The Queen's Nursing Institute Financial Assistance for Nurses.


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