Terms and Conditions

The agreement between the purchaser of goods (students and companies) and AOLL is governed by the conditions of sale stated on this website. This includes the service relating to the delivery of an online Access to HE Diploma.  By completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase goods which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract.


Access to Higher Education Diplomas

The full Access to HE Diploma is based on a completed and uploaded portfolio of work - no less and no more than 60 credits of which 15 credits are ungraded and 45 are graded (Pass, Merit or Distinction). All 60 credits are at level 3. 

The award of an Access to HE Diploma does not provide guaranteed entry to UK HE programmes and can only be awarded to UK nationals or those with a valid UK address (QAA Licence Criteria 4.31b).



The pricing structure and payment methods are clearly indicated on the website in pounds sterling and a notice period of two weeks will precede any changes but any changes will not apply to existing purchasers already enrolled onto the course(s). Once a purchaser has commenced their studies, they enter into a contract for a specific length of time as agreed. 

Please note: entering into the monthly payment option is an agreement to pay the full cost of the course enrolled on. The price of the Access to HE Diploma is based on 12 months' study. Purchasers can complete sooner but are still liable for the full cost. Arrangements can be put in place to complete beyond this at a specified monthly cost. Learners have not completed until their portfolio of works is uploaded to their VLE account. 

In the case of extenuating circumstances, purchasers can freeze their study time for up to 12 months. In this case, monthly payments will continue as initially agreed until they are settled in full.

Registration is with the Awarding Organisation, Certa and registration is valid for up to two years. The Diploma, however, is valid for longer.  The fees relating to external moderation and certification are governed by the external awarding organisation with due notice given to the purchaser of any adjustment. Any increase will not be passed onto those already enrolled and studying. 

The purchaser must confirm their agreement to the terms and conditions contained within this document prior to being accepted on to the course(s) offered. 

AOLL has an excellent reputation for the online provision of Access to HE Diplomas and GCSE study along with a high success rate in supporting students through to university and to their chosen career pathway.  We strive to keep costs down and offer various payment options; however, if you are unable to fund your studies you should contact Student Services prior to your full enrolment to cancel your application. Once enrolled onto the course, it is taken that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and have entered into a binding Agreement where you are liable for the full amount of the course(s) you have been accepted on to.



The learning programme will only commence after payment or part payment has been made between AOLL and the purchaser for the service and a first payment has been received by AOLL. All amounts due are payable in the currency invoiced by AOLL and received from the purchaser through the agreed method. The payment option is either in full prior to commencing study or by set monthly debit or credit card payments. The cardholder must comply to any written requests.


Overdue and unpaid accounts

AOLL reserves the right to recover the full outstanding balance on unpaid amounts by legal means. Where necessary, AOLL also reserves the right to suspend the contract with the purchaser.

All costs including legal fees (including interest accrued) incurred in the recovery of the outstanding monies will be charged to the purchaser. 


Termination of services

 AOLL reserves the right to terminate the contract with the purchaser and recover all unpaid amounts for the following reasons:

(1)  None payment of fees.

(2)  Where stage 3 of AOLL’s plagiarism policy is reached.

(3)  Breach of AOLL’s malpractice policy (including, but not limited to: falsification of results, certificates or assessment evidence; failure to follow AOLL policies; misuse of assessment material; using unauthorised material during supervised exams; collusion with other learners).

(4)  Other conduct which can reasonably be defined by AOLL as grounds for termination of the service.



AOLL may make a discretionary refund (less reasonable costs) in the event that the Purchaser can supply evidence of a Failure of Service on the part of AOLL as stated in The Student Handbook.  AOLL will not refund for the following examples (which are not exhaustive):

      • The service is perceived as not suitable for the purchaser’s requirements.
      • The purchaser fails to commit to their part of the agreement, for example: failure by the purchaser to submit set assignments; not responding to regular communication from AOLL; late or failed payments.
      • If the purchaser does not secure a place on UK HE programmes.


General, Law and Jurisdiction

AOLL reserves the right to withhold the service in the event of any breach of conditions of sale by the purchaser or for any reasonable doubt of trust or misconduct by the purchaser. Each party agrees that the only legal remedy shall be in terms of a legal contract. The agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer.



AOLL shall not be held responsible for any damage to electrical and telecommunications equipment or other consequential loss during the agreement.

In the event of any occurring incident involving fire, trade disputes, acts of restraints by a third party, the maximum penalty to AOLL shall not exceed the cost of the product supplied. 



Every effort has been made to ensure that the services of AOLL are described accurately and are kept up to date. AOLL is not responsible for any temporary interruption to the website or associated technical issues but will respond in a timely manner to any issues arising.  Where possible, purchasers will be advised in advance of any website maintenance 'downtime'.

AOLL will not be held responsible for the incompatibility of the website between the purchaser’s hardware, software, telecommunication links or difficulties in using ICT.


Academy Online Learning (2013) (reviewed January 2015) (Reviewed May 2015) (Reviewed May 2017 JD) (Reviewed June 2018)