Nurse students to receive £5-8K funding
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Nursing students to receive £5,000 payment a year


Beginning in September 2020, all nursing students enrolled in courses will receive an annual payment of at least £5,000 that they will not be required to repay.


In order to assist with living expenses, nursing students will get guaranteed supplementary support totalling at least £5,000 each year.

All new and continuing degree-level nursing, midwifery, and many allied health students will get the scholarship beginning in September 2020. Over 35,000 pupils should gain from it each year.


The investment is a component of the government's commitment to hire 50,000 more nurses over the next five years.

Students will receive a minimum of £5,000 per year, with additional support of up to £3,000 available for those who qualify, including for:

  • specialist disciplines that struggle to recruit, including mental health
  • an additional childcare allowance, on top of the £1,000 already on offer
  • areas of the country which have seen a decrease in people accepted on some nursing, midwifery and allied health courses over the past year


This means that everyone will receive at least £5,000 and some students may be eligible for up to £8,000 annually whilst they study.


The recipients will not be required to repay the funding. The Student Loans Company will still provide funds to students for loans for upkeep and tuition.


The Health Secretary-backed "We Are the NHS, We Are Nurses" campaign for the NHS, with the aim to recruit nurses from teenagers who are about to declare their degrees and people wanting to change their careers to Nursing.


The actions will be a part of the upcoming NHS People Plan, which will outline how to work toward closing job openings within the NHS and securing the future workforce.

The government has further announced that it would conduct an immediate assessment of the pensions annual allowance taper issue as part of a larger effort to ensure that the NHS has the staff it needs to fulfil demand.


As part of this review, the Treasury and Health Ministers will meet with the British Medical Association and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and the Government will continue to receive testimony from other pertinent professional organisations.


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