Studying Business and IT
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What do you study in business information technology?

To understand the development and use of computer systems to solve business problems; businesses are now looking towards quantitative modelling techniques to support managerial decisions. Business Information Technology (also known as ‘BIT’) programmes are designed to provide students with expertise to work in this field.


Job growth

A degree in Information Technology is considered to be a good value course as it offers a profession that is well worth the cost of study as it has a high return on investment. Employees have seen wages increase each year, sometimes even at a double-digit growth each year. Jobs such as, information security analysts, IT Systems Analyst or Computer network architect are just some examples that have seen an increase in demand and pay.


Why do you want to study business information technology?

There are various directions you could take your career after studying Business with IT. Below are some ideas of what roles you can take and as the digital world is constantly evolving, the role will always be fun with a few challenges. Networking online has helped many IT Business developers gain the knowledge they need to expand their business and adapt to the fast-paced working environment. The opportunities are many and the possibilities are endless.


What can I do with Diploma in Business Information Technology?

There are various routes you can take in this field of work. Occupations are available in the Business Information Technology branch such as:

  • E-commerce developer
  • Enterprise systems manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Business Systems Solutions, Analysts and Designers
  • Information Communication Technology Officer


How is technology linked to Business Studies?

Business technology programs teach students the various business functions that can be changed or affected in response to new technology and analyse the most appropriate strategy to gain growth and reduce waste. Business and Information Systems support businesses to improve their efficiency in the marketplace and involve programming, database management, networking and development as well as co-ordinating the necessary IT system solutions that support the health and growth of a company.


What is the future for careers in Business Information Technology?

There is growth in the job market for graduates with a ‘BIT’ degree, more so than many other degrees as the increase for online employment in the digital environment continues to expand every year. The salary for a UK intern, for example, starts from £24K+ and goes as high as £65,000 annually for a Business IT Analyst. There are always job roles to be filled and with a Masters or PhD in Business Information Technology the pay increase could be as high as £115,000 per year. The figures for BIT employment incomes will increase with time after completing promotions and having the necessary experience whilst already on a decent salary.


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