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Academy Online Learning (AOLL) is the only online Access to HE provider listed as a Preferred Supplier with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). As a partner of the Ministry of Defence, CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force and we feel honoured to be recognised as their preferred provider for Access to HE: https://www.ctp.org.uk/preferred-suppliers

The Access to HE Diploma (Health Science Professions) has already supported many individuals from the armed forces in making the transition into the health care sector in the fields of nursing, paramedic practice, radiography, dietetics and many other professional health related careers.

Experience tells us that forces’ personnel typically possess a strong commitment to furthering their careers. Their life skills result in above average levels of commitment and reliability, making them particularly sought after in the professional care sector. 

We look forward to offering our continued support to service leavers in their career transition to professional health care.


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The Advantages of Studying Online

Our fully online course is based on 12 months' study but offers flexibility to allow learners to achieve at their own pace. We understand the demands of serving in the Armed Forces which can sometimes mean you are temporarily unable to study. If this happens, study time is frozen and on return you just pick up from where you left off. 

As the Diploma is fully online you can study from wherever you are based. 


What is Access to HE?

The Access to Higher Education Diploma provides the level 3 entry requirements to go to university and is aimed at mature learners who do not currently have traditional or the necessary qualifications to progress to university.  

Many Access to HE students left school with few, if any, formal qualifications, yet possess the potential and ability to study for a degree or for a professional qualification. Many have been out of education for some years and need to gain the relevant entry qualification to pursue their goals through higher education.

People on the Access to HE Diploma courses come from a broad age range, across varied backgrounds and ethnic groups. Service leavers bring transferable life skills into the learning environment with a shared desire to fulfil their academic and professional potential in order to ‘make a difference’.  

An Access to HE Diploma (Health Science Professions) leads to a wide range of degree programmes in both the health and social care sector. Once qualified there are opportunities to branch out into a variety of careers that offer further progression to fuel the ambition which is a common trait in service leavers.