Access to Chiropractic Care
Full qualification title

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health Science Professions)

Learning Aim Reference
No. of Credits
60 Credits at Level 3 (15 Ungraded & 45 Graded)
Course fee
£1236 (includes £135 registration fees)
Payment options
Pay in full upfront (£50 Discount available) | Monthly Installments (from £103 per month)
UCAS Tariff Points
Maximum 144 points depending on grades
12 months, flexible study (typically takes 8 months, but you can work at your own pace to complete in a time that suits you) Extension option available
Course start date
This course can be started at any time of the year
Chiropractic Care

A summary of the course

  • Switch your career direction to Chiropractic Care
  • Fully remote learning experience, 100% online
  • Complete your studies from home or any preferred location
  • Guidance and support from tutors
  • An acclaimed pathway to fulfil university prerequisites for Chiropractic Care
  • Flexible payment options on offer
  • 24/7 access to the interactive course materials and activities
  • Learn flexibly without exams or fixed class schedules
  • Comprehensive support for your UCAS application, including an academic reference
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5.0

About Your Diploma

Have you ever wanted to advance in the field of chiropractic care but found yourself blocked by inadequate qualifications or are seeking a change in career? Our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Chiropractic Care) at Academy Online Learning provides an excellent gateway. This programme is designed for those who want to start or progress in chiropractic care or the broader healthcare industry. Typically a year-long course, many students are able to complete it in 8-10 months thanks to its adaptable structure.


Excellent Preparation for Chiropractic Care at University

This diploma is an essential step towards university-level studies in Chiropractic Care. Acknowledged by universities throughout the UK, it effectively prepares students for various specialisations within chiropractic care. The curriculum includes important topics such as Healthcare Communication, Research Skills, Genetic Inheritance, and others, equipping you with the vital knowledge and academic skills needed for university success. An Individual Learning Plan aids in efficiently managing your deadlines and ensures continuous progress in your studies.


Getting Started with Academy Online Learning

Academy Online Learning, a prominent online education provider in the UK, delivers this Level 3 diploma recognised nationally and regulated by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Designed for flexibility, our course allows you to harmonise your studies with your personal and professional life.


Stay On Top of Your Learning

Control your educational journey with our flexible online course format, requiring no attendance at fixed classes or tutorials. You may start at any time, progress at your own pace through engaging online content, and get support from a personal tutor via phone or videoconference as needed. Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced educators and experts in their fields.

While Maths and English qualifications are not mandatory for the diploma, they are required by universities at a Grade 4/C or above. You can study both subjects alongside your diploma through our comprehensive online Functional Skills courses, which include the exams, or our GCSE options.


Be sure to verify that your qualifications meet the entry requirements of your chosen university before enrolling.

To learn more about career opportunities in Chiropractic Care, click here.

We also offer detailed support with your UCAS applications, including providing an academic reference.

Social science units on this course (Graded)

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Payment Options

The cost of the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health Professions) is £1236, and can be paid in monthly instalments from £103 per month over 12 months with 0% interest. Or discounted price at £1186 (£50 saving) when paid in full upfront.

Visa, apply pay, mastercard, maestro, visa debit WE ACCEPT PAYMENT USING ALL MAJOR CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS


Monthly Payment
Cost/ Month
Pay in full
Pay in full
£1236: £1186
12 Months
11 Months
10 Months
9 Months
8 Months
7 Months
6 Months

* Includes £135 registration fee and certification with our awarding organisation, Skills and Education Access Group

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"there is no doubt the academic progress made by students throughout the course prepares them for higher education" - this is "Commendable"

- External Moderator from Awarding Body, December 2023. Read more here...

Units on this course (Ungraded)

Get into university with an Access to Higher Education Diploma

This gives you an opportunity to shine when you are invited for an interview at the university. You...

Academic Writing Skills

This can be awarded against a level 3 essay. In essay preparation, you will be expected to research...

How does society affect health

There are many diseases and consequently many causes of diseases. Identifying the prevalence of...

Research Skills
Correlations, Experiments, Observations, Case Studies Questionnaires and Surveys. Develop your own piece of research in a standard report format.
Information Literacy

Information Literacy Skills help learners to understand the range and quality of available resources...

Social science units on this course (Graded)

Are the brain and behaviour linked?

This involves the localisation and function of the brain. The different methods of investigating the...

Health units on this course (Graded)

Diagnosis and management of physiological disorders

There are a range of physiological disorders identified here in this unit. You will be made aware of...

A female health professional wearing a mask

This unit relates to communication between health care professionals and clients. Here you will be...

Biology units on this course (Graded)

Jars of urine
Human Urinary System (3 Credits)

This unit looks at homeostasis and the kidney as a homeostatic organ. You will be researching the

Body Structure and Function
Body Structure and Function (9 Credits)

(cannot combine with: Cell Differentiation and Tissues; DNA and Protein Synthesis; Human circulation

Musculoskeletal System
Musculoskeletal System (3 Credits)

The skeletal system is the primary focus of attention in this unit where you will be given the

Human Sex and Reproduction (3 Credits)

This unit covers the structure and function of the male and female reproductive system. There is a

Genetic Inheritance
Genetic Inheritance (3 Credits)

This addresses the understanding of genetic inheritance including simple Mendelian crosses where you

Fruit and vegetables
Nutrition and Digestion (3 Credits)

Here you will be given the opportunity to explore the components and function of a balanced diet

Endocrine system hormones
Endocrine System (3 Credits)

The main theme in this unit is to develop an understanding of the hormone system and the endocrine

Non infectious disease
Non-Infectious Disease (3 Credits)

The topical area for this unit considers the nature of a range of non-infectious diseases including

  Our Access to Higher Education diplomas offer: No need to pay for extras or upgrades - it is ALL included!
Self-paced online learning with 1:1 tutor support
Access your course materials immediately
Study anywhere - anytime
Face to face tutorials on demand, scheduled when you need them
One-to-one tutor support via state of the art video conference suite, email or by phone
Study around your work and home life commitments
Work at your own pace and complete within 8-12 months
Tailored individual learning plan to achieve success
Benefit from subject specialist tutors
Access to our online material written and developed by leading professionals in the industry
Interact with your tutor via our easy to use messaging service
Network with like-minded students via student messaging group
Access to your course 24/7
Tailor the course to fit your needs*
UCAS Application support to help with your personal statement
UCAS final check before submission


*Some university courses will want to see specific units - plan what is required and we will mix and match key units

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Becs Dental Hygiene Therapy Student
Great course, learnt so much. Felt supported throughout from different Tutors. Massive help with UCAS application.
Thank you.
Date of experience: 20 February 2024
review gif 1
Rachel Cawthorne AOLL Student
Very trusting company, everyone responds promptly. All tutors were very helpful, especially Steve, Alison and Amy. Thank you for all your help!
Date of experience: 02 March 2024
Megan Andrew ELCAS Student
The access to the course was easy and simple to use the virtual learning area. The tutors where on hand with messages and if needs be phone calls. I enjoyed the course and it was good that the course could be paused as I needed as life changed and things made it that I couldn’t continue the course at times. This is very useful being military expecially when deployments come around the course can be paused until the end of the deployment.
Date of experience: 10 October 2023